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Hi, i'm Ed and i'm just another frustrated Fanboy who likes K-POP many as SNSD,B1A4,etc. (this would be a long list tbh) I like art and drawing.
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140706 Crisis Escape No.1 [© park gongchan]
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Look back. You saw the many times Taeyeon teared up, the times she held back her tears when she heard the fans cheering for them; the times when you knew she knows we’re here for them, the times when you knew she appreciates her fans. Recall that, the gut feeling that we meant something to her. Remember how you never doubted her sincerity? Think of the many times you smiled for her, for the things she did. Whether it’s something beautiful about her or something stupid she did, she made you smile.

You called yourself a SONE, remember why? “If you’re still Girls’ Generation the next life time, I’ll still be a SONE.” Remember the pride in you when you say that line?

Please think of her good before you condemn her with the bad you heard. Don’t let what you may have heard for the past few days cloud over your judgement and what you knew for the past few years. What about the many times she stood up for us? Why do we need to question her love for us when we have witnessed it before?

It’s alright to be upset, it’s alright to feel hurt, it’s really alright. It’s alright to have your own opinion, but don’t be too quick to make a decision, don’t be too quick to change your perspective. You’re disappointed(aren’t we all?), it’s fine, simply because you care. But think of the very first reason, the very simple reason of why you chose to care - because the 9 girls made you smile, she made you smile.

“When someone does something wrong, don’t forget all the things they did right.”  (cap / vids)

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2014 B1A4 Road Trip  READY?


B1A4 takes first step of World Tour.


Road Trip is an unconventional term for a world tour and it has the meaning that they will meet fans from various countries,

make memories with music, through which the members and their music will grow mature.


With the title READY?, B1A4 is asking the fans to get ready to enjoy the concert and giving a big excitement to all fans in the world.


The concert teaser made in new way, motion poster, the members look excited to go on a concert trip with suitcases and cars and main poster shows Road Tripconcept with B1A4 leaving for concert trip.


The tour begins after B1A4s fifth mini album releasing in the coming July with first concert in Taiwan and Shanghai in August, and Manila in September. Please give us your big support.


The dates and venues will be updated on Official Website soon.


Thank you.

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